Why Concrete Is A Very Popular Construction Material

Concrete is widely used all around the world as the most popular building material. Its popularity keeps increasing time by time and it is chosen because of its great and proven qualities. Moreover, it has been used for thousand years ago since the Egyptian times. If you wonder why concrete’s popularity is never fading over time, here are the reasons why.

Durability: Compared to other building materials such as wood or asphalt, concrete is the most long lasting material that even gets stronger over time. Wood may rot due to termites and bad weather, but the same thing will not happen to concrete material. Not only for buildings, but it is also used to construct bridges, dams, tunnels and roads. It is not only strong, but it’s also penny-wise. 

Safe and secure: Concrete has a perfect resistance from fire, wind, water, vibration or earthquakes. It doesn’t burn, rust or rot. Even on extreme weather, the structure of concrete stands as the strongest material.

Abundant resources: Limestone is the most abundant mineral on earth that is used to make cement. Beside of that, you can also make concrete from waste such as from power plants or other manufacturing facilities. Because of this, you don’t need to worry if the concrete is out of stock in the middle of your construction.

Environmental friendly: Concrete is easy to be crushed and it can be recycled and reused for hundreds use, even after a decade later. You don’t need to be afraid if it becomes a useless waste.

Unique characteristic: Although concrete hardens at a regular room temperature, it is able to be made into various complex shapes and sizes as you desire by adjusting the mix.

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