Uninsured Plumber? The Risk You Put Yourself Into

When someone discovers plumbing issue, they will have to choose the best gambling choosing someone to come and fix their problem quickly or do it by their self. Some people choose to contact plumbers to not charge their arm and leg to work. Well, if you are one of them, you absolutely relate with these kinds of situations below.

First, you may call a few plumbers to get some quotes. You often find them through internet, clicking any addresses which are put by some plumbing companies to attract you with their service. That is the smart and the fastest idea. But, do you know that some of the plumbing companies are unlicensed? However, people still choose to use them because their quotes are cheaper than the licensed one. Some property owners have their own reasons for hiring unlicensed plumbers. The other reasons are they could be better at convincing that they could do an equally great job minus the high professional fees. But, really, there are a lot of risks in hiring unlicensed plumbers.

Why are they unlicensed? Because they don’t pay a monthly premium on insurance, so they can afford to quote you at a lower price. These plumbers are more likely to do shoddy workmanship, and if they do make a mistake, you’re the one who pays for it. It all means that they also lack worker compensation if they get injured. Their injuries on your property could fall under your insurance.

Further, here are little dirty secrets that you need to know if you hire unlicensed plumbers. You are the general plumber!

Anything which is done wrong by them, you will be the one who take the responsibilities. What’s more, your standard homeowners insurance or landlord liability insurance isn’t going to cover you for these events. Most of these policies exempt damage caused by the knowing use of illegal or unlicensed plumbers. The worse if you just ask your friends or your neighbor as your plumbers. Hiring friends as contractors doesn’t make the liability and risk issues go away.

Failing to hire an insured, licensed, and street-legal contractor could potentially cost you everything you own. Even if you need help from an emergency plumber as soon as possible, try to choose a licensed plumber to prevent further problems from happening. The worst situation, you may face bankruptcy because all of those insurances that you need to pay.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude damages arising from the work of unlicensed plumbers, so they will not protect you from any damages. Using an unlicensed plumber to save a few dollars may be tempting in the short run, but the potential risks far outweigh the benefits. It is called gambling. The right gambling where you won’t risk what you have and need for what you don’t have, don’t need and can afford to buy.

There are many plumbing companies who can provide you with competitive rates as well as no extra cost for late night, weekend, or holiday plumbing emergencies. So, does it sound fair to be gambled about?

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