The Simplest Way to Fix a Leaked Balcony (While Also Giving It a Fresh Look)

A problem in the balcony like leakage may not seem as important as problems in the other rooms, which, in fact, it should be repaired immediately once you notice them. Leaving the leakage issues will gradually create more complex problems in the surroundings that end up cost you a lot of money and time. The reasons behind the leaks may also vary. It can be caused by the poor waterproofing system, cracks in the tiles and the perimeter, porous or missing grout, extreme weather conditions, or building structure movement. 

Here are several simple methods to repair a leaking in the balcony.

  1. First of all, it is essential to conduct an inspection ahead of your plan to fix the leakage problems. You need to check for loose and porous tiles in the balcony of your current house or any prospective property. It is advisable to do the inspection regularly.
  2. It is important to always make sure that you clean your tiles and grout regularly and keep them tidy. With this method, the impurities or any other particles won’t be affecting the balcony structure.
  3. When you are able to identify the damaged areas, you need to remove the loose or defected grout and replace it with good-quality waterproofed grouts. Then, apply a high polymer seal to the perimeter of the balcony.
  4. For double protection, you can put a high-quality double-coated premium sealer on the surfaces to prevent the balcony from any leakages. This is an effective waterproofing system to address the leakage problems properly.
  5. It is recommended to lay down waterproof membranes at the beginning of the process to keep your tiles away from any potential damages.
  6. After this, it is time to retile or rebuild the tiles. You can simply retile them in the balcony, if the existing balcony tiles or surfaces are still sound. However, if the damage seems too complex, it is best to remove and rebuild it using the new ones. While the retiling process seems pretty easy, rebuilding the tiles is not as simple as that and is more expensive. In this case, hiring professionals is probably the best solution as they are experts in the field. Calling them for help will definitely prevent you from another unwanted damage.

Therefore, you can see that repairing leaking in the balcony is pretty easy to be done on your own. But, addressing more complex leakage issues requires a lot of time and techniques. It is also suggested to repair the leakage problem entirely from its root. With a lot of balcony repair services available in Melbourne, it is crucial to always make sure to find a reliable shower repair professional with licenses and good qualifications. The qualified professionals will ensure high-quality work as they’re equipped with guaranteed materials and complete advanced tools. With this method, it won’t only solve the leaking, but it might as well creating a new fresh look in your balcony!

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