Russian Hair Extensions: The Best Option To Have A Long Natural Look Of Hair

Russian Hair Extensions or Remy Russian hair Extensions are one of our finest textured hair types available in hairdresser in sydney. Its naturally soft texture makes it the perfect match for most western hair types. As Remy Russian hair extensions are fine, they will only slightly wave when wet. This hair type is perfect for those with very fine naturally straight hair.

Real Russian hair is not cheap. Salons who offer competitive prices because they buy their hair in wholesale or in bulk are a big red flag. The concept of buying Russian hair in at wholesale prices or in bulk simply does not exist. You cannot buy Russian hair in bulk or wholesale any more than someone can buy gold or silver in bulk. Russian hair, like precious metals, are a commodity. It is a rare commodity which is becoming rarer every day. The hair seller knows it. If you don’t buy it at their price someone else will. 

Another tell is the price differential between the shorter and longer lengths. If the salon’s price relationship is linear equal amounts between different lengths then this can be a clue that it isn’t real Russian hair as the longer lengths cost much more than shorter lengths. Lastly, beware if a salon says that is only offering 100% double drawn Russian virgin hair and offers it at a discount, citing any one or more of the above as a reason for the competitive price. It is important to know that not only is Russian virgin hair not available in very light blondes but double drawn hair is the most expensive hair for two reasons. One it is very labour intensive to comb out the short hairs and more crucially to get long hair more hair needs to be used. So if a salon is showing you blonde hair and saying it is 100% Double drawn Russian virgin this should be an immediatly red flag.

How long will hair extansion last? Regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily, wearing your hair in a braid to bed and when swimming and exercising will help maintain your extensions. As your hair grows the extensions will naturally grow out with your hair. Proper treatment, such as using our recommended hair products will extend the life of your hair extensions. It is not possible to state an exact time frame as each person has different results but average refitting has to be done every 3 to 4 months. Life of the hair itself depends on the hair type chosen. The average time for Euroasian extensions is 3-6 months. European hair can last 8 to 9 months. Some of our clients with Russian hair have used the same hair for 18 months.

The last thing, while Russian hair provides an excellent match in terms of thickness and texture for Western women, it is considered to be the best because of the Russian diet. With hair diets greatly influence both hair growth and hair quality. The Russian diet is high in nutrients and vitamins and low in sugar, salt, and processed animal fats and this promotes the luxurious and voluminous hair. Hair sourced in countries close to Russia like Uzbekistan or Kazakstan either do not benefit from the same diet or the same texture and thickness and thus cannot be considered Russian hair. Beware of terms like South Russia or Southern Russian. While this hair is still great quality coming from the countries listed above it cannot command the price premium normally reserved for Russian hair.

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