I Wish You Won’t Have to Suffer Plumbing Scam Anymore. A Guide for You.

During an emergency, you want nothing but a quick service to fix your plumbing problems. Most times, you don’t realize that you’ve become the potential scam victim of a dodgy plumbing company. The most common plumbing scams can result in costing you an extra cost and having unfixed problems, to making the problem even worse.

Here are four popular plumbing scams you have to be aware of and ways to avoid them.

  • The Bait and Switch

When it comes to fixing plumbing problems at your home, you’re willing to pay for the best material that lasts well in the long run. But, do you know whether your plumber certainly using the best materials? Switching to the substandard materials—the bait and switch is one of the most common plumbing scams you have to be aware of. A dodgy plumber is usually convincing you that they’re using only the best materials and charge you as if they were when, in reality, they’re installing a lower-quality product. Then, you only find out about this a year later when it gets broken again. A similar tactic that shady plumbers pull is jacking the price up way higher than it should be.

  • Extra Workers

Let’s say there are some problems to work on; you will find a team of workers in your house. But, in certain cases, the number of workers in the team is actually more than necessary. That’s one of the signs to indicate a dodgy plumber. If you’re unaware of this, they may charge you higher hourly rates for these sub-contractors at the end, claiming they have no control over the hour rates.

  • Inflated Hourly Rates

There are some cases where dodgy plumbers inflate their rates for customers living in an upmarket neighborhood. Let’s say you got a big, lovely house with an expensive sports car in your driveway. They’re most likely taking advantage of you to earn more money by increasing their hourly rates up to 50 or even 100 percent as they assume you have deep pockets.

  • “Lowballing” Quotes

When you’re asking for quotes, don’t fall prey to an attractively low quote they offer over the phone. Most dodgy plumbers may promise you a written estimation when they actually never do. Weeks go by and the job’s finally done, they’re coming to you with an invoice at two to three times higher than the spoken estimate. Unfortunately, nothing you can do at this point as they’re certainly having no sympathy when you complain.

How to find a reliable plumber to avoid these scams, then?

The easiest way to avoid any plumbing scams is by hiring a qualified Sydney Plumbing company. When it comes to plumbing emergencies, you should never risk trusting an amateur to fix it. Always making sure to hire a professional with a valid license and enough experience in the field is very important. Through the license, you can confirm that the plumber has gone through extensive training and education to work safely in compliance with the relevant plumbing standards and regulations. A licensed plumber generally provides a compliance certificate as a guarantee to take all responsibility for the work and has insurance to cover when accidents happen while carrying out the job.

Moreover, it’s recommended to read through the customers’ reviews available online before choosing the plumbing company. This way, you will know what their past customers said about their service and work. Then, try contacting some plumbers for an estimate quote and compare one to another. Once you decide, ask for a fixed quote and agreement document in written upfront to make things clear. The agreement document should include specified parts of the job and number of the appointed plumbers.

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